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Have you got any questions? Then you’ll find the answers here!

  • How do I use the


    The is ingeniously simple to use. Just apply some silicone-free lubricant and enjoy!

  • Which lubricant may I use?


    Water-based lubricants are the most suitable ones, but also natural lubricants, such as coconut oil are highly suitable. Under no circumstances should silicone-based lubricants be used since they harm and destroy the silicone inserts after a while.

  • How do I clean the


    After having used it, just remove the silicone insert and clean both parts with water and soap. After that dry both parts, put them together and the is ready to be used again. We do not recommend cleaning it in a dishwasher.

  • Is the suitable for all sizes?


    The inserts consist of our IKUsilc silicone which is 700 percent elastic! Therefore the fits nearly all sizes.

    We recommend the following sizes: The should easily be suitable for a diameter from 30 millimeters/ 3 centimeters (= 94 millimeters/ 9.4 centimeters circumference) to 51 millimeters/5.1 centimeters (= 160 millimeters/16 centimeters circumference).

    It’s also possible to use the below this size recommendation. By applying pressure to the elastic TPE ring you can easily reduce the clear width. Above this size recommendation, the outer TPE ring can become a limiting factor. But don’t worry, you can also enjoy the silicone insert without the TPE ring. In this case, please keep in mind that you can’t stack multiple anymore.

  • How do I combine multiple


    The combination of multiple is very simple. The comes with an ingenious magnetic system which enables you to connect two rings with each other only through one click. You can also combine three or more rings and vary the position of the inserts.

  • Do I need multiple for my pleasure?


    One, e.g. our all-rounder JOY, will already provide you with orgasmic pleasure. Besides the, with its compact size, fits in every bag and is therefore the ideal traveling companion.

    If you want to intensify or vary your pleasure, we recommend the combination of two to three Maybe you could start with two JOY and let yourself be surprised by new, intense feelings. Or you could combine JOY, Happy Buttons and Juice Box for the ultimate pleasure.

  • Are my neighbors aware when they take on my parcel?


    All our products are sent in a neutral packaging, in order to keep away nosy neighbors.